Payment & Financing Options

Payment & Financing Options

Dentistry can be expensive. We offer payment plans and Care Credit to help alleviate the financial strain. Care Credit is a financing service designed to make it easier to receive the necessary dental treatment in a timely manner.

With over 23,000 different insurance plans covering over 180 million Americans today, it is important that YOU read your policy and booklet carefully to maximize your individual benefits. Your policy is a contract between you and your insurance company to improve your dental health.

FACT #1.

Dental insurance is NOT meant to be a PAY-ALL, it is only meant to be an aid.

FACT #2.

Many plans tell their insured that they’ll be covered “up to 80 or 100 percent.” Some plans pay more – some less. The amount your plan pays is determined by how much your employer invested in the dental plan.

FACT #3.

It has been the experience of many dentists that some insurance companies tell their customers that “fees are above the usual and customary fees” rather than saying to them “insurance benefits are low.” Remember you get back only what your employer puts in less the profits of the insurance company.

FACT #4.

Depending on the level of insurance your employer purchased, some dental services may not be covered by your insurance carrier.

Even with dental insurance, YOU are still responsible for the entire cost of our professional services. Most dental insurance plans have policy limitations in dental treatment and payment for treatment. Your insurance policy may not cover all dental services and may only pay a portion of the total cost of your dental treatment. We will assist you in determining this. After your first visit we accept assignment of benefits paid by your insurance company. If however, 60 days after submitting a claim your insurance company has not responded, you become responsible for any unpaid balance. Financial arrangements are available to assist YOU in the payment of your bill.

We recognize that your utilization of dental insurance can contribute to your dental health. We are happy to assist you to the best of our ability with your dental insurance.